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Abstract Shapes


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In every area in which human aspiration for excellence or virtue is expressed, a special place is reserved for exemplars of that area. These are individuals who are perceived as actualizing the highest human potential toward which development in that area leads.


In the religious/spiritual domain, spiritual exemplars exemplify the ideal state, desideratum and holy grail of their tradition or path. They are called saint, sage, tzadik, guru, arahant, bodhisattva, spiritual master or adept, etc.


What makes them spiritual exemplars? How do people recognize certain individuals and perceive them as spiritual exemplars? What distinguishes spiritual exemplars from other exemplars, such as moral or wisdom exemplars? Watch the video below to find out.


For me, spiritual exemplars are often great partners in the exploration of the Existential Experience (which, for some of them, is Living Transcendence) and the experiences of Unlimited Love, Spiritual Shared Space, Spiritual Surrender, Spiritual Transmission and Spiritual Individuality

Videos about Spiritual Exemplars
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