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Abstract Curves


My spiritual search started, when I was 16-17 years old, with a mysterious question: Is it possible to know reality directly, unhindered by any psychological and cultural filters? Later, this question morphed into three: Who am I? What are we here for? And what is all this? I wanted to know the answers to these questions for myself, felt that my life depended on that. I was also aware that these were basic human questions, as was my desperate determination to find answers to them. My search felt utterly personal and utterly universal at the same time. I continue to feel the same. The topics I have and am exploring are the Existential Experience, especially that of Living Transcendence, the nature of Spiritual Transmission, the experience of love and especially of Unlimited Love, the phenomenon of the inter-personal Shared Space, the posture of Surrender and the place and role of Spiritual Exemplars and of Individuality in the spiritual life. Engaging with these topics is for me an utterly personal affair. It is also a universal human affair, which many all over the globe are pursuing. I hope that sharing the questions and findings of my spiritual search and academic research will be of interest and benefit to others. If any of these topics is of interest to you, come join me in its exploration. There's nothing like venturing into unknown territories together with fellow travelers.

The images on this page are courtesy

of the artist Dorith Teichman

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