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The place and role of individuality in the spiritual search has become central for me as a result of my research of Spiritual Exemplars and Living Transcendence, but I still have very little to say about it. With permission of my Facebook friend Maury Lee, the following is a text he wrote on this topic:


"The place of the individual in the spiritual quest is always unique. The approach will be individual based on the person's beliefs and culture as well as their brain's architecture. Some will say that past lives may also influence their spiritual quest.


If then, the spiritual quest is always unique, each individual will have to do self inquiry, contemplation, or any number of spiritual techniques to come to the point of becoming their own authority.


The spiritual quest is only over when the individual determines for himself that the spiritual search is done. No one outside of the self can be the determiner. The individual may use and consider any outside authority for information and advice in the spiritual quest. However, no outside authority has the final word on what the answer is for any seeker.


Since the spiritual search is by necessity a search for the connection between the individual and the creator, it is the personal connection, the personal revelations, and personal insight that are the final authority. One's own authority, in the end, is the only authority in the spiritual quest that is free. This freedom may include surrender to the Divine, the ultimate connection."

This page is dedicated to the ongoing exploration of this topic.

Posts about Spiritual Individuality
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