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Interviews with spiritual exemplars

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Interviews with Amir

Amir Freimann—Spiritual Paradoxes: Rationality, Autonomy & Surrender, Honesty, Immanence & more #08

Amir Freimann—Spiritual Paradoxes: Rationality, Autonomy & Surrender, Honesty, Immanence & more #08

****Full episode**** We will be exploring a set of related topics, including the role of critical and rational thinking in our spiritual journeys and spiritual transmission. In the context of student teacher relationship, we explore spiritual paradoxes and dilemmas such as Autonomy versus Surrender, Self Honesty, Extra sensory perception, Transcendence versus Immanence and more. Our guest is a phenomenal thinker, a consciousness, Explorer, and spiritual seeker and finder Amir Friedman. **Guest Book** Spiritual Transmission: Paradoxes and Dilemmas On the Spiritual Path ** Guest Biography ** : Amir became interested in spiritual and existential questions at the age of 17. He joined the Israeli army, but became a pacifist after the 1982 Lebanon war. He studied medicine at the Hebrew university in Jerusalem, but at the end of the fifth year of his studies, He decided to devote the rest of his life towards spiritual awakening. The next two years of his life were spent in Japan, meditating at his Zen monastery, and the next 20 years were spent doing intense spiritual practice at a community in the us called enlightened next in 2009, he had a partying with this community and returned back to Israel. Currently Amir is finalizing his PhD at the university of Haifa. His thesis is on the subject of living transcendence, phenomenological study of spiritual exemplars or teachers, which is based on multiple interviews he has done with over 36 spiritual exemplars. Amir has written a few books and his recent and insightful book is 📍 Spiritual transmission, paradoxes and dilemmas on the spiritual path. Which is based on his interviews that he did with over a hundred spiritual teachers and students. I was very impressed with this book and I highly recommend for both students and teachers. And let's now turn to this very enlightening conversation. ** Guest Contact** ** Time points or Chapter ** 00:00 Amir Freimann—Spiritual Paradoxes & Dilemmas, Autonomy vs Surrender, Critical thinking, Self honesty, Transcendence vs Immanence & more 01:15 Spiritual Transmission: Paradoxes & Dilemmas on the Path 04:55 Does Ability to think for oneself have a place in the Spiritual Path? 11:55 Integrated modes of knowing vs Surrendering the mind 17:18 Does perception evolve? & extra-sensory perception 25:35 How to know if a spiritual teacher is right for you? 33:54 Critical Decision: Leaving school to study with Spiritual Master 42:31 Self honesty and Paradoxes on the spiritual path 48:22 Spiritual Paradox: Independence versus Surrender 54:59 Spiritual Paradox: Transcendence versus Immanence 58:21 What is ultimate expression of the divine in a human being? 01:06:41 Being true to oneself and claiming one's independence 01:21:02 Are we living in an age of integration? 01:26:02 Questions refine our process
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