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My Morning Chant

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

A friend told me I should share my morning chant, so here it is. I chant the first part before meditating and the second as I come out of meditation. I repeat each verse a few times, touching my forehead to the ground with each phrase. I love that posture.

Before meditation:

- Being is holding to nothing

- Being is knowing nothing

- Being is wanting nothing

- Being is being nothing

After meditation:

- Holding to nothing is being free of everything

- Knowing nothing is being open to everything

- Wanting nothing is being grateful for everything

- Being nothing is loving everything

It's a chant I composed for myself more than ten years ago, and it changes somewhat from time to time. I keep checking whether the words express just what I want to express as I start my day, and change them if I feel they don't quite hit the mark. That's a good practice by itself.

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