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Academic researcher among spiritual teachers

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

A very interesting online conference with the title The End of Seeking started today, with over thirty spiritual teachers and authors discussing the paradox(es) of awakening. Among them some very well-known names (at least some I've heard a lot about) - Francis Lucille, Rupert Spira, Gangaji, Louise Kay, Loch Kelly, Rick Archer, Stephan Bodian - and my becoming-more-well-known dear friend Anne Sweet. Which is why I'm also in that conference.

Anne, one of my favorite spiritual exemplars, writes on the topic of the conference on her website (also called The End of Seeking). She was invited by the organizers to give a talk and suggested that instead she would give a live interview - by me. And they agreed.

This is probably quite unusual, that a speaker brings along their "interviewer of choice"...

So I'm listed among the spiritual teachers who are going to talk about spiritual awakening, not because I have anything enlightening to say on the subject but because I'm exploring it.

There is something symbolic about it which I like a lot.

Join the conference for free at The End of Seeking and do join Anne and myself on Sunday at 5pm EST.

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