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Spiritual and/or other positive experiences

Experiences are, by the way they are commonly perceived and defined, limited on both sides by other experiences. Sensations, thoughts, feelings, any phenomenological item has a beginning and an end. Otherwise it wouldn't be "an experience".

Which means that "an experience" exists only on a background lacking it or being different from it.

Which means, also, that spiritual and/or other positive experiences, such as experiences of stillness, depth, joy, expansion, peace, love, awe and wonder, dissolution of boundaries, cessation of the self-occupided chatter, grounding in the ever-present ground-of-being, closeness to God, etc., can exist as "an experience" only if they are limited in time and on a background lacking them.

Hence, people who constantly *live* in a state of love, joy, wonder etc., do not have these as "experiences".

So what are they referring to when they speak about, for example, their experience of love, joy and wonder? It must be something different than what we normally refer to as "an experience".

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